Pregnancy Questions

Pregnancy starts when an egg is fertilized by a sperm. For about 9 months, the body of a pregnant woman provides a protective and nourishing environment in which the fertilized egg develops into a fetus. The birth of the baby at delivery marks the end of pregnancy. Pregnancy is the carrying of a single offspring or more, known as the fetus or the embryo, inside the womb of a woman. In pregnancy, there is possibility of multiple gestations, as in case of twins or triplets. Childbirth generally occurs about 38 weeks after conception (approximately 40 weeks from the last menstrual period) incase of humans. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines normal term for delivery as ranging between 37 weeks and 42 weeks. Calculation of this date assumes a regular 28-day menstrual cycle.

This site gives you information as regards the various aspects of pregnancy, for instance, exercise and diet during pregnancy, pregnancy calendar, morning sickness during pregnancy, signs and symptoms of pregnancy, information on miscarriage, changes experienced during pregnancy as well as several other questions and concerns about pregnancy. Go ahead, take a look!

  1. Are there any home remedies for morning sickness in pregnancy?

  2. How to handle nausea during pregnancy?

  3. How can I prevent miscarriage?

  4. Why is exercise recommended during pregnancy?

  5. What are the foods to be avoided during pregnancy?

  6. Why are there headaches during pregnancy and what is the treatment?

  7. What is the ideal diet in pregnancy?

  8. Why Can't I Get Pregnant?

  9. Why do pregnant women get cravings?

  10. What is a premature baby?

  11. What is high-risk pregnancy?

  12. What are the signs of pregnancy?

  13. What causes stretch marks during pregnancy?

  14. Why do you get cramps during pregnancy?

  15. Why is there frequent urination during pregnancy?

  16. Why do pregnant women get morning sickness?

  17. Why is there spotting during pregnancy?

  18. Why teenagers get pregnant?

  19. How to prevent Premature Labor?

  20. Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

  21. What are the causes of Preterm Labor?

  22. What are the do's and don'ts if I am working when pregnant?

  23. What are the risks of multiple birth pregnancies?

  24. What are the signs of premature labor?

  25. What are the various physiological changes during pregnancy?

  26. What kinds of changes are experienced during pregnancy?

  27. When will milk come in and when to begin breastfeeding?

  28. Why does bleeding occur during pregnancy?

  29. Why is it important to drink water during pregnancy?

  30. Why should you gain weight during pregnancy?

  31. Are there any natural remedies that help increase chances of getting pregnant?

  32. Will exercise help me get pregnant?

  33. How does a woman's age affect reproduction?

  34. How does smoking affect fertility?

  35. How to deal with an unplanned pregnancy?

  36. Is pollution harmful for pregnant women?

  37. Are women above age 35 more likely to have pregnancy complications?

  38. What exercises are safe during pregnancy?

  39. What Is Premature Labor?

  40. What is test tube pregnancy?

  41. What kind of problems do preterm infants experience?

  42. How does the baby develop over the nine months?

  43. How to know the pregnancy due date?

  44. What are the cautions to be taken during pregnancy?

  45. What are the changes during pregnancy in each trimester?

  46. What are the changes in belly button during pregnancy?

  47. What are the routine tests during pregnancy?

  48. What causes abdominal pain during pregnancy?

  49. What happens in first trimester week by week?

  50. What is breast tenderness during pregnancy?

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