What are the changes in belly button during pregnancy?

Belly button is a scar of the connection of the umbilical cord. The deepest part of belly button is tethered to the abdominal wall fascia. The shape of the belly button depends on the overlying fat and skin with the deep attachment that holds the typical "innie" shape. In pregnancy following changes in the belly button may be experienced:-

  • With the expansion of the belly of pregnancy, the abdominal wall pushes out.
  • Pushing out of the abdominal wall may lead to a change in the shape of belly button, for some it could be shallower and for others, "pop out."
  • Some women might feel like a turkey, and their belly buttons like the pop up temperature button. Sometimes pregnant women may feel that this means the baby is ready for delivery. However, belly button changes during pregnancy are not related to the timing of the delivery.
  • In a distended stomach, belly button tends to expands. The belly button diameter becomes bigger.
  • Belly button thicker walls become thinner.
  • The umbilicus central depressed area also spreads out.
  • A stretched belly can also intensify an umbilical hernia. Belly button pain and changes with coughing may signal umbilical hernia. Such issues should be immediately checked with your doctor.
  • The change in tissue tension in pregnancy can make an "innie" belly button into an "outie."
  • For most pregnant belly buttons, "outie" is only a temporary situation that reverses after delivery. If the skin shrinks back to normal, the belly button usually reverts. For a small number of women, a weak deep belly button attachment may loosen leaving an "outie" even after pregnancy
  • For others after pregnancy, abdominal wall loosens and skin sags.
  • Even if you have been an 'inny' all your life, the expansion of the abdomen during pregnancy can result in you becoming an 'outy.' There actually nothing much that you can do about this temporary condition - you can probably try and just cover it with clothing
  • As the skin stretches it is likely to get irritated and itchy. Try and keep it well hydrated with any of your favorite lotion for some relief. A number of women find relief in daily applications of cocoa butter.
  • You may also find that you have developed a faint line from your navel to your pubic hair. This is also a result of hormonal changes and it tends to 'crumble off' as the top layers of skin cells are shed a few weeks later after delivery. However, some women notice a faint line which is leftover for months after delivery

Is growing of hair around belly button in pregnancy normal?

Pregnancy-induced hair growth generally develops during the first trimester and is caused due to an increase in sex hormones known as androgens. Besides new facial hair and hair around the navel, some women may notice unusual growth (sometimes only a few stray hairs) on their arms, legs, breasts, and back.

To get rid of such excessive amounts of unwanted hair, you can safely wax, tweeze, and shave. It is however not recommended for bleaches or depilatories to be used since they can be absorbed into the skin. Experts are not sure about what effect they might have on the developing baby.

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